What the “dwm.exe has stopped working” error is all about

After loading up my computer, I noticed it was working rather slowly. I had recently done some customizing so I though I maybe used an incorrect setting or something. What started happening shortly thereafter was super annoying.

I was using X Window System and though it wouldn’t cause any issues. Boy was I wrong!

What I started seeing was a bunch of different dwm.exe errors. Things like “dwm.exe has stopped working” and “dwm.exe is not responding” were popping up. At first I thought I had a virus – I’ve seen some videos on YouTube about the dwm.exe virus.

After some additional research and figuring out what was going on, I realized I didn’t actually have a virus, just some annoying errors – good news!

Here’s an example of what the dwm process looks like:

Dwm Service

What I found during my research was a couple of main things. First of all, the dwm file is associated with the Desktop Window Manager application on Microsoft Windows systems. When you have issues with this process, it could mean a variety of things, including:

  • You actually have a virus – I discovered this wasn’t true, so that’s definitely good
  • You have a corrupt system file – I thought this was my problem so I kept digging further
  • You have a ton of extra ‘stuff’ on your desktop – This causes slowness and was likely one of the reasons for my issue
  • The file itself was changed or moved – Many times, these types of errors are caused when a system file changes location. The way a computer registry works is that it has a known location for a file. If it cannot find the file at the specified location, it does not recognize the file as existing and can cause errors.

This site has a bunch of great information about fixing dwm.exe errors and has other helpful information like the review of RegCure Pro.

One of the common themes across many of the sites I’ve read is that having an updated virus scanning app on your computer will help maintain the security of your files. While that may seem self explanatory, it’s often overlooked by people as they let their AV programs lapse, fail to renew or download updates, and become infected or damaged. It’s super easy to install most anti virus programs and many of them run automatically and/or allow for scheduling of scans and updates. There is really no reason NOT to keep it on your computer!

The site I mentioned earlier has other articles and details about how you can stay safe and keep your computer running optimally in the future. If you have any questions, they have a great support area too.

The other place you can go for great information is to just search through YouTube. While some videos aren’t really helpful, others have tons of great (and free) information you can use and start seeing real benefits from.

Hopefully this quick post helped shed a bit of light about the dwm.exe error and whether or not you have the virus version. If you have any other questions about it, check out my other posts or find me on Facebook. If I don’t get back to you right away, I will as soon as I can.